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Get started with Viber Automation

Doubletick allows you to easily create Viber bots for free to automate conversations between your business and your customers.

Unlike Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram which have limitations on when you can send contacts a free broadcast messages (24h window), Viber doesn’t have any limitations on when you can send a contact a message. On the Viber channel, you can send a broadcast to your contact list any time for free.

What you will need?

In order to create a Viber bot, you will need to have a Viber account. To create a Viber account just Install the Viber app from Play Store or Apple Store.

How to create a Viber bot?

  1. Create your Viber bot on Viber by clicking this link. After you create your bot, copy the bot token.

2. Create a new bot and choose the Viber channel.

3. Insert the Bot Token that you get in step 1 and click Continue.

How to create flows for Viber Channel?

Go to Menu > Flows and create a new flow.

When creating flows always use the Omnichannel message type. Using Omnichannel will allow you to create a flow once and the same flow will work on all current and future channels if the elements that you use on your flows are compatible with other channels.

How to send a broadcast message?

  1. Create the flow that you want to send.

2. Go to Menu > Broadcasts and click the Send button.

3. Choose Viber as a Message Channel and select the flow you created in step 1.

What data does Viber provide about a contact?

Viber provides contact name, profile image language, and country. Please be aware that Viber contacts can opt to not share their data with a bot.