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How “Follows Business on Instagram” Condition Works

Detection: This condition checks whether a user currently follows your business’s Instagram account. It’s a key indicator of the user’s interest in your brand and can be crucial for tailoring interactions and content to engage your audience effectively on the platform.

Setting Conditions: Based on whether a user follows your Instagram business account, specific conditions can be applied within your engagement strategies. Utilizing “is: yes” or “is: no” rules, you can segment your audience and customize your communication to foster stronger relationships with your followers and encourage non-followers to connect.

Rules of “Follows Business on Instagram” Condition

  • “Is: Yes” Rule: This rule is applied when a user is identified as following your Instagram business account. Engaging with these users can involve sending thank-you messages, offering exclusive content or promotions, and providing updates that deepen their connection with your brand.
  • “Is: No” Rule: Used when a user does not follow your Instagram business account. For these users, you might focus on showcasing the value of your content and the benefits of following your account, encouraging them to join your Instagram community.

Implementation Example

An online boutique could use the “Follows Business on Instagram” condition to enhance customer loyalty and attract new followers. For users who “is: yes” follow the account, the boutique might send early access to sales or exclusive behind-the-scenes content directly through Instagram DMs. For those who “is: no” do not follow, the boutique could send an invitation to follow along with a first-purchase discount code as an incentive to both follow and buy.

Best Practices

  • Personalization: Tailor your messages based on the follower status to make your interactions more personal and relevant. Acknowledge and reward the loyalty of existing followers while providing compelling reasons for non-followers to engage.
  • Value Proposition: Clearly communicate the value of following your business on Instagram. Highlight the exclusive content, promotions, and community benefits that followers can enjoy.
  • Engagement: Use this condition as an opportunity to increase engagement. Ask questions, encourage user-generated content, and create interactive stories to involve your audience actively.
  • Respect User Preferences: Always be respectful of user preferences and privacy. Provide clear and easy options for users to manage their engagement and communication preferences with your brand.