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Enhanced Management of WhatsApp Template Failures


We are thrilled to announce a significant update that improves how businesses handle failures when sending WhatsApp template messages. This new feature ensures that businesses can manage communications more effectively, especially when initial attempts don’t succeed.

Managing WhatsApp Template Failures

Problem Overview

Previously, if a WhatsApp template message failed, businesses had limited options to respond to these failures, which could hinder communication efforts.

New Feature Details
  • Automatic Failure Handling: When a WhatsApp template message fails, our system now automatically triggers alternative communication methods, such as sending the message via SMS. This ensures that critical messages reach your customers without manual intervention.
  • Flow Adjustment: In the event of a delivery failure, the system will redirect the flow to alternative messaging options, as depicted in the screenshot. For example, if a “Hello User” message fails to deliver via WhatsApp, an SMS will be sent as a backup.

Strategic Importance

  • Reliability: Ensures consistent communication by automatically switching to backup methods, enhancing customer reach.
  • Efficiency: Saves time and effort in managing communication failures, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Reduces the chance of missed communications, improving overall customer satisfaction and engagement.