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Appointment scheduling using OpenAI

The appointment scheduling manager simplifies the process of scheduling meetings and appointments. It allows your business to share your availability, which others can use to book a time slot.

You can combine OpenAI and our Appointment scheduling tool to allow your customer to book an appointment quickly without leaving your bot on any channel, including voice and SMS.

Set up your Calendar

Please read this documentation to learn how to set up your calendar.

Create custom field

Got to Flows > Custom Feilds and create the below custom fields

Name: date_start
Type: Date & time

Name: date_end,
Type: Date & time

Name: appointment_date
Type: Date & time

Name: available_slots
Type: Text

Create a flow to check availability.

Create a new flow. The name could be “Check Availability”. Add the Actions > Appointment Appointment and choose the option Check Availability.

Create a ChatGPT trigger to check availability.

Go to Settings > Integrations > OpenAI > ChatGPT Triggers and click the Add new button.

Name: check_availability_to_book_appointment
What does this trigger do?: Allows the user to check availability to book an appointment.
What data to collect?
start_datetime -> date_start
end_datetime -> date_end
Book on calendar: None
What flow is triggered: Check Availability
What is the output message? : {{available_slots}}

Create a ChatGPT trigger to Book an appointment.

Name: book_appointment
What does this trigger do?: Allows a user to book an appointment related to his job application.
What data to collect?
date -> appointment_date
Book on calendar: My Calendar
What flow is triggered: None
What is the output message? : Success

Enable ChatGPT Triggers

After creating your ChatGPT Triggers, you must activate them in OpenAI settings or use them inside the OpenAI action on the flow builder.

Include the below paragraph in your prompt (optional but recommended).
Always check for availability when the user says he wants to book an appointment on Monday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, or something similar without specifying a time for the booking.