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Updated Bot Simulator


Our Bot Simulator now integrates the new webchat feature, enabling a seamless demonstration of bot functionality on virtually any website without the need for code implementation.

How to Use the Updated Bot Simulator

Simulating Your Bot
  1. Webchat Integration: Select the ‘Webchat’ option in the Bot Simulator tools section.
  2. Website Link Setup: Enter the URL of the website where you want to simulate the bot in the ‘Website Link’ field.
  3. Select Flow: Choose the flow you want to trigger
  4. Start Simulation: Click ‘Get Link’ to generate the simulation link.


  • Ease of Demonstration: Showcase your bot’s capabilities on any website without backend modifications.
  • Testing: Evaluate your bot’s interaction and functionality in a real-world web environment.
  • User Experience: Get a clear preview of the user’s journey and bot response flow.