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QR Code Generator

QR code generator help our clients to acquire chatbot subscribers in a physical way & digital way.

You can use the QR code generated here in your brick & mortar store, cards, invites, websites and more places to get subscribers for your chatbot.

To use this awesome tool, navigate to Menu > Tools > QR Code Generator.

To create a QR code for your requirement, enter the size of the image (in pixels) on the “Image Size field. 

Then, paste the ref URL of any flow that you need to take your subscribers in while scanning this QR code. 

Note: For people who don’t know where to find Ref URL, you can get that on the “Flow” section (on the sub-menu of every flow).

After pasting, ref URL click “Generate” so that you will get the QR code like this image below.

You can download the QR code and make a print to paste that on your physical store.