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Integrate with OpenAI ChatGPT

Doubletick is integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to allow businesses improve their customer service while drastically saving costs and human resources.

Businesses can train ChatGPT to respond to their customers’ questions related to their business. A chatbot enables businesses to respond instantly to their customers around the clock, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction. Moreover, it is a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for additional human resources in customer support operations.

The key to creating an excellent chatbot a good prompt (Business Information). The brain of your chatbot is your prompt. Your prompt must be clear and well-written.

Connect OpenAI to Doubletick

  1. Get your OpenAI API Key HERE.

2. Go to Settings > Integrations > OpenAI

3. Click the Connect button and provide your API KEY.

Select Automated Response

It is to make sure AI response to all queries by itself.

Customize AI

Select you AI = Model , Temperature, Tokens

Different Types to Train AI

Assistant (Beta)

Prompt Templates

Add your prompt & add all Q/A to train on your data.

Triggering a flow

You may often want ChatGPT to trigger a flow instead of proving a text response. In this case, you only need to tell ChatGPT to return a step ID in your prompt. If ChatGPT returns only a FLOW or STEP ID, your bot automatically triggers the flow.

For example, if you have a flow that allows users to book an appointment, if the flow ID is 12345678, you can include in your prompt, “When the user wants to book an appointment, return only the code 12345678.”

Note: This feature only works when ChatGPT is enabled to handle the “Default Reply” in settings.

Transfer a conversation to a human

ChatGPT will automatically stop the bot automation and transfer a conversation to a human when the user wants to talk with a human agent.

Note: This feature only works when ChatGPT is enabled to handle the “Default Reply” in settings.

Priority of automation

Once you connect the OpenAI to Doubletick, your chatbot will automatically communicate with OpenAI every time a user sends a message to your chatbot. No actions are required on your side.

The built-in Automated Responses and Dialogflow inside Doubletick are prioritized more than OpenAI. If a user message matches any Automated Response created inside Doubletick, we won’t communicate with OpenAI.

Disable automatically triggering ChatGPT

Every time a user sends a message to your chatbot, your chatbot will automatically use ChatGPT to respond to the user’s message. You may want to work with only OpenAI actions on the flow builder.

You can disable this behavior by going to Settings -> Integrations -> OpenAI and the disable the Default Reply option.

Generate text completion from prompt

Doubletick offers an action on the flow builder that allows you to input some text as a prompt, and the OpenAI will generate a text completion that attempts to match whatever context or pattern you gave it. 

Generate Images using OpenAI

OpenAI allows you to generate an image from a text description. On the flow builder, go to Actions -> OpenAI -> Generate Image.