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Enhanced External Request Feature


In our continuous effort to streamline bot development on our platform, we have updated the External Request feature. This enhancement allows you to immediately determine the success automations based on its outcome.

Using the Updated External Request Feature

Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Configure Request: Start by setting up your block within your bot’s flow.
  2. Monitor Request Outcome: The system now provides real-time feedback indicating whether the request was successful or failed.
  3. Branch Based on Outcome: Depending on the result of the request, you can direct the flow to different actions:
    • If the request is Successful, proceed with actions like sending a message confirming the success.
    • If the request Fails, take alternative actions such as sending a different message or logging the error.


  • Immediate Feedback: Quickly understand the status of requests to adjust flows in real time.
  • Conditional Automations: Create more dynamic and responsive bots that react based on external data or interactions.
  • Simplified Bot Creation: Reduces the complexity of handling by automating responses based on the success or failure of requests.