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Dynamic multiple choice

Dynamic Multiple Choice allows your bot to ask your users questions and create options dynamically by getting the data from any API or Google Sheets. This feature is very important for businesses that want to create a quiz or ask questions to qualify leads.

To create Dynamic Multiple Choice, you use the “Get User Data” block.

The reply type should be Multiple Choice. All your options must be stored in a single custom field.

Format of data for Dynamic Multiple Choice

Let’s imagine you want to ask the question “What’s your favorite color?” and you could offer the option Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Red

  1. Separate options with a comma: Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Red

You can get data from any source like Google Sheets where the options are separated by a comma.

2. Array of options (From API): [“Blue”, “White”, “Black”, “Yellow”, “Red”]

You can use our External Request feature to get data from any API and use response mapping to extract the data you need. On the bellow response, you use response mapping to save the data to the custom field that is used to store the options.

    data: ["Blue", "White", "Black", "Yellow", "Red"]

Check what option the user chose

Use Condition to check what option the user chose.

Also, you can always personalize your messages with the option that the user chose.