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Implement a Simple Referral System

Getting your customers to refer your bot to their friends is the easiest way to grow your contact list. Doubletick has a built-in feature that lets your bot automatically track referrals and execute any action when a user refers your chatbot to a new or existing user. A user can’t refer himself.

It is very easy to use the built-in referral system. Follow these steps to create any referral system.

Create the shareable link

In this article, we will use a Messenger Entry Point Link as an example but the same example is valid for all other channels. Read this article to see how the Entry Points Link looks like in other channels.

Your bot needs to give each user a unique link that they can share with their friends. Image your Entry point link name is campaign1. To create a unique link for a referral system, just append -c{{user_id}} to the end of any Entry Point Link.


Share a referral link

The referral link must be sent to the user by your chatbot.

Increase points and reward

Every time a user refers a user to your bot a Trigger ,“User referred a new contact” or “User referred existing contact”, is fired.

Go to Menu > Tools > Triggers & Actions to create triggers.

Basically every time a user refers your bot to a user, you will increase (not set value to) a custom field that contains the user points and start a flow that will use conditions to check if the total point of the user is equal to the points that let the user be rewarded.

The image below shows how to increase user points. You need to click the “+Action” button and click on “Set Custom Field”.

The flow that checks if the user gets rewarded must be similar to the image below.

Basically, you will need a flow that will send the user their referral link, one Trigger to increase the user points, and another flow to check the user points and reward the user.

You can create two triggers if you want to give different points for referring a new and existing user.